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CCT Users Get First Listen To T.G.I.S The Mixtape

CCT Users Get First Listen To T.G.I.S The Mixtape

"CCT Users Get First Listen To T.G.I.S The Mixtape"


When the clock strikes 12am, CCT users will get the first listen to B'More's soca mixtape this summer. If you weren't informed, B'More is one of the proud brand ambassadors for the number one telecom company in the BVI, CCT Life Unlimited. After so many soca hits over the last three years. He decided to release  a mixtape catered to his fans. On Friday July 21st at midnight. CCT users will get a chance to EXCLUSIVELY stream and download B'Mores new mixtape. The exclusive listen will run throughout the weekend and end on Monday at midnight. 

The mixtape T.G.I.S stems from the meaning (Thank God It's Summer) and is also the single that is circulating throughout the caribbean. This mixtape is the prelude of whats to come in the near future for B'More. All tracks on T.G.I.S was written by B'More with the exception of "T.G.I.S" and Cyan Tek Ya". Those tracks were co-written by B'More , Seven Flags Creative Group and I-Bari Davis.

The productions on the project aren't all originals. They are riddims out of Trinidad that are used including "Calabar Riddim" and Happy Days Riddim". Getta Entertainment's youngest producer 'Prodigy Aviado" made his debut on the project with "Cyan Tek Ya" while Dane Cash and Jason "Xpert James" out of Greneda also making appearances.

This is great news GoGettas. B'More continues to be innovative by giving back to his community. T.G.I.S The Mixtape will be available on SOUNDCLOUD on Monday. Be sure to follow B'More on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date this festival.

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