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"Who will be king of the town?"

"Who will be king of the town?"

"Who Will Be King Of The Town? "

It was for the first time in 2014, B'More won the BVI's Soca Monarch Competition. A year prior B'More graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando FL, where he studied music business and was ready for the world. He then left for Atlanta Georgia where he worked on new music for 6 months. Trusting the journey was the only thing left to do for this versatile artist.

B'More was unsuccessful in trying to regain his crown in 2015. Fans blame the poor sound system and some thought he lost fair and square. In 2016, B'More sounded the alarm with a crowd favorite "Leave Meh Alone" but he still came up short losing by just a point to JJ's "Colors" 

GG, it's 2017 and B'More came back with another smash. This time, he sailed across the waters and got help. T.G.I.S (Thank God Its Summer) is definitely a SUMMER ANTHEM. It's one of those songs that shows the true meaning of a "Caribbean Summer". It was written by I-Bari Davis, Jamaal "Culcha" Miller and Kamau Georges and produced by Dane "SuperSmash" Cash.

2017 BVI Soca Monarch is held on August 3rd at the Festival Village. Competitors like reigning king "JJ", Pascal (OMG) and Singer Songwriter out of Antigua Drastic. GG, get ready for a great night of soca. 

The position of the artists depends on the fans. Follow these simple instructions to position B'More on the night of the competition.

1. Click the link provided- Position here

2. Look for the "Heart" icon on the bottom left of the song

3. Click the heart and you've positioned B'More

4. Share steps 1 and 2 & 3 


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